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Our Process

Delivering you the very best from Italy

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Parmesan Cheese
using fresh-from-the-farm ingredients

Early in the week, our vegetables, meats, and cheeses are delivered fresh-from-the farm by our suppliers. All our pizzas are made entirely with Italian ingredients, most of which come from the Puglia, one of Italy's most gastronomic regions.

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Before we begin hand-making our pizzas, we prepare our specialty blend of dough, which is made from a mix of the highest grade Italian flour. The dough is then leavened for at least 24 hours, giving our crust a crispiness on the outside, and soft and fresh bite on the inside.

The dough is cut and hand-formed by a pizzaiolo, who carefully crafts each pizza to maximize its softness inside. It's the kind of texture you can only find in a pizzeria. Then, they place each ingredients by hand, evenly distributing it throughout the pizza. That way, no matter who you share with, you'll all get the perfect slice. 


The pizza is placed in the latest-technology oven that does a partial bake of the pizza in seconds, to bring out all the rich flavors throughout the ingredients. 

The pizza is then moved directly from the oven to a flash-freezer, locking in the freshness of the ingredients so every bite of your pizza tastes like a trip to Italy.

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